​​​TIPThe Index Pros

There's more to indexing than meets the eye!

How We Work

A good index is more than an alphabetical list of keywords.
A good index helps readers find information. For each book we

  • assess the audience to find the right balance of detail and generality
  • include terms for the entire spectrum of readers and users
  • think about which terms the reader might already have in mind
  • teach new terminology through skillful use of cross-references
  • add terms that describe real-life tasks &topics, not just headings or product features
  • use transposed entries, synonyms, cross-references and terms that summarize broad topics –  to make sure the reader never hits an information dead-end!

We are dedicated to professional excellence:

  • We consult extensively with clients to make sure we understand their concerns and preferences.
  • This enables us to work very independently once the project begins.
  • We have years of experience in resolving difficult indexing issues.
  • We develop collegial relationships that reduce stress and chaos.
  • We have never missed a deadline!