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Business, Finance & Economics

Below is a list of the various specialties offered by The Index Pros:


  • Alarm Dealer's Guide, Butterworth Publishers
  • Career Paths in the Field of Aging, DC Heath
  • Controlling White Collar Crime, Butterworth Publishers
  • Effective Requirements Practices, Addison Wesley
  • Home Depot Catalogue, Banta Integrated Media
  • The Manager Pool, Addison Wesley
  • Managing Software Acquisition, Addison Wesley
  • Personal Strategies for Managing Stress, American Management Association
  • Protective Security Law, Butterworth Publishers
  • Security Design for Maximum Security, Butterworth Publishers
  • Understanding Mass Communication, Houghton Mifflin

Consultation and Training Clients (selected)

  • Applied Legal Systems
  • ATEX Publishing Systems
  • Bull Honeywell Information Systems
  • Candela Laser Corp.
  • Ciba Corning Diagnostics
  • General Railway Signal Co.
  • Harte-Hanks media
  • Marcam
  • RSA Security
  • WGBH-TV Publishing Dept.
  • American Express Information Services
  • Lotus Development Corp.
  • SunLife Annuity Service Center
  • Unum Life Insurance​


  • Estate and Retirement Planning Answer Book, Panel Publishers:
  • Excel Advanced User's Guides, Howard W. Sams, Div. Macmillan
  • Financial Approach to Mergers & Acquisitions, American Management Association
  • Financial Procedures Manuals, National Medical Care Corp.
  • Flexible Benefits Answer Book, Panel Publishers:
  • How to Write a Business Plan, American Management Association
  • Kiplinger TaxCut, H&R Block (on-line)
  • Lotus 1-2-3, many versions, Lotus Development Corporation
  • Manager's Guide to Financial Analysis, American Management Association
  • Microcomputer Accounting, Glencoe
  • Planning Cash Flow, American Management Association
  • Using 1-2-3 and Using Microsoft Excel series, American Management Association

Consultation and Training Clients

  • American Express Information Services
  • Lotus Development Corp.
  • SunLife Annuity Service Center
  • Unum Life Insurance


  • Cornell University Press, American Industry in International Competition
  • Harvard University Press, Future of Industrial Societies
  • Harvard University Press, General Theory of Exploitation and Class
  • Oelgeschlager, Gunn & Hain, Governmental Structure and Local Public Finance
  • Princeton University Press, United States International Monetary Policy
  • Yale University Press, Mancur Olson, Rise and Decline of Nations